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Malgorzata Krakowiak near of her studio in north of Mallorca 2020

Dear Collector,
Thank you for visiting my shop on-line gallery.
My name is Malgorzata Krakowiak. I am full-time professional painter and textile artist.
I present here my current work as well as works created over the years.
I like working with cycles - projects, so you will see my main series like LOVERS, FISH, SUBLIMAT as painting and DIAGRAM, INSTALLATIONS, OBJECTS OF MINDFULNESS as fiber art.
My artworks are in many private collections worldwide.
I also cordially invite you to the GUEST section, where you can purchase the works of my parents, recognized professional artists.

International Exposure
Experienced Artist
Art Fair Participant
Featured in catalog and collections on Saatchi, Singulart, Artfinder, Artling.

If you like to know more about my artistic career,
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Artist Malgorzata Krakowiak working on her series DIAGRAM

From my notes:

"An artist should never be a prisoner of himself, a prisoner of style, a prisoner of reputation, a prisoner of success." Henri Matisse

I fully agree! it's really hard to keep this balance these days, but I'm trying to do it.

The creative process is an intimate record of "suchness of me" at a given moment in life.
So creating is a path for me, not a goal.

And along this path, ups and downs, struggle and submission, acceptance, suffering and joy.
More doubts than certainty. Search .

Expressing longings and delight.
Affirmation of life.

Means of expression: for as long as I remember, two domains have always been intertwined, each important and responding to my different needs.

I am grateful for painting and fiber art in my life,
Generalizing : the energy of painting stimulates me and pushes me to the "outside" and the energy of weaving meditatively calms me down and directs me to the "inside".