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Exhibited at XI International Triennial of Tapestry in Poland.

Materials: wooden sticks,sisal.

Dimension : 270 x 300 x 300 cm

One vertical = 30 cm wide x 270 cm high/ easy to roll up.

In this work, I was interested in showing the composition of rhythms interpenetrating the verticals and at the same time the openwork effect of the associated tissue of each individual vertical. Each riser is built of transverse wooden sticks wrapped in black dyed sisal string.
The installation is inspired by a small fragment of the forest in a beautiful contrasting morning light.
Vertical elements can be composed freely ... just like nature does :). In other photos I show an example from one of the exhibitions where the entire installation hung from the ceiling, interestingly harmonizing with the light from nearby windows.
All work elements such as sisal dyeing, trimming sticks, wrapping sticks with string, tying elements are hand made by me.