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Dimension : 120 x 120 x 3 cm 

 Materials used : wooden sticks wrapped in yute and linen twine.

Artwork intended to be hung on a wall, two handles on the top and 2-4 expansion points in the middle of the work on both sides.

Work as openwork looks beautiful on white or colorful walls, for example on black, grey, brown or navy blue.

The work can also be framed according to your needs, for example behind glass, or using another solid background, white or a matching color.

It will add warmth and unique style to both wooden /wabi sabi/ and cool minimalist interiors as the only warm accent.

For me, as a creator, is a peculiar, personal meditation record, as well as the entire Diagram series, which refers to the mandala ... the joy of being in the "here and now " for several  months with one artwork  of the series... :)