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This installation-object was exhibited at National Tapestry Competition to celebrate the 130th anniversary of S. Moniuszko’s death and received Honorary Mention /Poland.

 Materials: sisal wooden sticks  300 x 130 x 150 cm.

Three vertical installation components can be composed along one line or in parallel.1 vertical = 90 cm wide x 300 cm high /  apart of central one which is 120 cm wide.

 Easy to roll up for transport.

In this work I was referring to musical notation. With rhythms and gradation of artistic forms, I created analogies to the composition of sounds and rests in a musical piece.

However, "Record" can be read in many ways, including an allusion to symbolic language or calligraphy. All work elements such as sisal dyeing, trimming sticks, wrapping sticks with string, tying elements are hand made by me.